Guruprience – #1 Situation and You

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Few months back, I was in New Delhi, to attend world’s biggest cultural event – WORLD CULTURE FESTIVAL 2016. The magnanimity of the event is itself a big topic to write about. Inspite of so much of political vendetta, bad weather, negative publicity to stop the program the program was immensely successful. Every Art of Living  volunteer and teacher were on their toes to give the world the best experience. The situation was so critical that the event got permission just before 2 hours of the program.
If have to see from the eyes of a corporate person – total situation was messed up, but if have to see from the eyes of the devotee – I saw that there’s some power who is taking care of each and everyone.
On one side some Indian media channels & some of the political people were doing there best to devalue the program, other side each and every things were getting taken care by “Someone”.
I was sitting in the social media section – to promote the event world wide. On day 1 after some-time when I came out to see, what is happening on stage? I saw a man with full enthusiasm – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  (Gurudev). To my surprise, he was looking so fresh and destress inspite of facing so many interviews with journos, convincing NGT for the permissions, handling criticisms, and god knows what not. But he was so much into the moment that I got stuck into a big question – HOW? All the three days, I observed him keenly (actually was trying to catch some stress on his face) but he was all new each day – Fresh and very enthusiastic.
From those three days to now – I was trying to learn this and today finally I realised that He was simply in the present moment – giving his 100% in this very moment – taking responsibility – very natural – not getting influenced by opinions of anyone.
I remember the words of Sri Sri ( Gurudev ) – Protect your mind at any cost. It can be your worst enemy and can be your best friend also.
My take from this whole scenario was practising and living in knowledge is important. Most of the time we waste our time planning for future or discussing past events and this affects our present – and so we complains that nothing is working!
Seva! Sadhana! Satsang!


Start now – if you’re not doing!


Upgrade yourself with Advance, DSN – if you want to overcome your small mind.


P.S. : Post your learnings from this scenario in the comments section below! It’s a good idea to share!

Prasad Karwa

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