Article : Breaking monotonous ROUTINE is a good idea!

More than a article, this is my own experience. I learnt in one of the Art of living course that break the patterns. That day I realised that every moment we are changing, so we have to change our patterns also. If we stuck in similar pattern then the scope of growth will be less. For eg. Most of the student tends to sit on same bench in the same row where they used to sit and with the same friend. This is pattern! If someone else will come and sit on his place on one day, then definitely that student will ask him to change the sit as this sit is his.

If you just look around, then you will see everything is in patterns. Birds flies in patterns, Ants walk in patterns, there are certain patterns in nature. Thus pattern is important but if you have noticed it keenly then you might have seen they are changing patterns every now and then.  So, why we are so obsessed of our comforts? Why can’t we change our patterns too?

A week ago, I was wondering that from last 2 years I made a new pattern in my life that I can’t sleep early as late night I get so much of time to work, read, do something creative. Every night I used to sleep by 4 to 5 AM. I tried sometimes to sleep early but my mind refused the call every time. Then I remember this point “Change the patterns”. It is not very easy to change the patterns if you’re not committed to your words.

I decided that I will sleep by 10pm anyhow and will wake up early in the morning by 4am to practise yoga, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya. Believe me, It’s 5th day today – And that “mis”pattern of my life got transformed into a “wow”pattern.

Remember! Commitment is not an easy thing to achieve. I got it when I done one of those awesome Art of Living Courses – The DSN Program : Divya Samaj Ka Nirman / Do Something Now. 

Break Patterns - Commitment - DSN Program Art of Living
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Prasad Karwa

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