#FirmaDeLaPaz – Peace for COLOMBIA


Today the world witnessed one more win for Peace & Non-Violence over War & Cruelty of Violence. 53 years of civil war between FARC rebellious group & Colombia’s government came to an end. Millions of people suffered in this hard 53 years. Now, Colombians can dream for the better and peaceful future of their kids. Thanks to everyone who were involved in negotiating peace between FARC and Colombian Government.
I still remember my Grand-Father used to told me that Violence is never a solution, both will be in LOSE-LOSE situation. But if there is peace and dialogue (communication) then there will be WIN-WIN position for both. Since then I used to be very keen in negotiating my own conflicts; that’s conflicts with mind and people. But I have never believed that big conflicts like this can be solved by dialogue and peace. Today, I experienced it also.

A big thanks to +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  Ji of +The Art of Living foundation to negotiate peace talks between both the group. (Check the video out – https://youtu.be/2nPcI-vK3rc ).

A small poem by me on Peace (“Paz”)
Conflicts all over the mind
can’t be solved by arguments
can’t be solved by violence
can’t be solved by complaining

You will see the world around you
as a battlefield for you
If the conflict is overcoming your
mind & thoughts

Believe me – this is not 
the solution..
Solution lies within yourself
The very true fact,
which everyone says –
The “PAZ”

Firma De La Paz - Peace for Colombia

Let the world be “PEACEFUL”

Prasad Karwa

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