Is Art of Living’s YES!+ course worth joining?

This question might be the favourite to me, as I’m a proud YES!+ volunteer.
Nothing to blabber, I’ll just put my experiences in bullet points here –
  1. YES!+ gave me courage to stand against wrong.
  2. YES!+ helped me to decide my goals and to take actions as per it.
  3. YES!+ broke the barrier in me which used to tell me that I’m still a student and only focus of my life should be study (Right now I’m in 3rd Year of Engineering and also owns a company of Web-Design and Digital Marketing. Note: I scored in distinction always till now)
  4. YES!+ gave me clarity in mind, purity in heart and sincerity in action.
  5. YES!+ inhibit the ability to take quick decisions in me. Also it makes me realise, that no decision is right or wrong – what we do after taking it, defines it as right or wrong.
  6. I got confidence and my concentration boost up.
  7. Before YES!+, my emotions used to over-rule me but now I am the master of my emotions.
  8. I used to be in influence of others and always used to be in illusion of what people will think of me? But now, I am free.
  9. YES!+ cleared all of my relationship problems – whether it is with a opposite sex friend or with parents.
  10. YES!+ gave me the best gift – SUDARSHAN KRIYA, Yoga, Pranayama and Meditations. I now love doing these things because YES!+ present them in very joyous way.
List will go and go and go.. but it can never impart the experience of YES!+ to you. Like I tell to all of my friends – MELODY KHAO KHUD JAAN JAO.. (Taste it and Experience it on your own).
Some experiences of students from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)


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