Back Indian Army | End Politics

Who is Arvind Kejriwal? Who is Sanjay Nirupam? Who is Salman Khan? Who is Om Puri? 

Who are these people? Who have them rights to cross-question Indian Army? Who made them heroes?
That rubbish comment of Om Puri on Martyr Soldier that “Who asked him to go into Army and fight?” I will ask him who is HE to ask this? I used to respect Om Puri a lot, but this utterly nonsense comment on Indian Army lost all dignity and respect for him in me.
Salman Khan is anyway a pseudo-hero, pseudo-Indian. How he dares to back the Pakistani Artists before country! I plead him to read/watch Nana Patekar’s comments on this issue 1000 times.. Yes! THOUSAND TIMES. 
Arvind Kejriwal & Sanjay Nirupam are indeed the most creepiest person. Politicising every issue is now there habit. I feel very sad for people who follow them. Asking for proofs from Army and trusting Pakistani Media Spokespersons is bull-shit. How come they do this?
You totally LOST it guys! You have to APOLOGISE to 1.2 billion Indians. 


Indian Army


Prasad Karwa

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