#WhyTalkToPak ? – Are we so weak?

What’s trending today (14,15 Oct 2016) is #WhyTalkToPak ? And exactly this is the same question I used to have since 2008 26/11 attack. I want to ask some questions to all Indian citizens – 
  1. Are we so weak that we can’t fight against Pakistan?
  2. Do we need to have doubt on ability of our brave Army Soldiers?
  3. Do we fear of terrorist like Dawood Ibrahim or Hafeez Saeed?
  4. Can’t we stop sitting silent in our house, & just criticising Government for every damn shit happening in our country?
  5. Are we so lazy, to come out of our house and stand for out Nation?

For me Pakistan became Terroristan on the same day of 26/11. And after that so many incident happened in our country. Some time we replied them strongly & some time we failed to reply because of some policies. But we as a Indian, we believe in “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” (One World Family), thus we gave Pakistan so many chances till now. But now the case is getting more worse. Now we need to stay strong and fight back. We need to support our Army and Government.
IStandWithForces I love indian army
The only reason today I can conclude to continue to talk to Pakistan is that every-time Pakistan helps so called “Aware Youngsters” of my country to raise there Patriotism by hurting sentiments of them. 
I love my country India and I will raise my voice loud to join those thousands of people who are provoking government to take some strict actions.
#JaiHind #IStandWithArmy #IStandWithForces :)

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