You are not “Dumb”

“If your words are shallow for you”

How to overcome procrastination?

Few months ago, A guy came to me and asked – “I want to be more active. Most of the time in my day-to-day life, I waste. What can I do? Please suggest something”. I was amused by the genuineness of the guy because very few people admit such things. Now to answer him, I asked him to take a vow, a short term vow and a punishment for it if he fails to complete it because most of the time we take vows like – “From now-onwards I will not do timepass”, this is not specific & measurable. All our vows should be measurable and specific & time bounded so that we can measure our progress. He said thanks to me and left the place.
Be specific
Today, again with that helplessness he came to me and said “I am not able to follow my own words, they don’t have any value. Am I so dumb?”.
In a second I replied, “You are not ‘Dumb’, if your words are shallow for you – Its just means your mind and emotions are over-powering you. Realise this and take some intelligent action! ”.
Mind ruling you and you are ruling your mind are poles apart. Know that if you are not able to do what you are doing commitments to yourself then mind and emotions are ruling you – start reading some knowledge sheets, do some exercise, pranayama, yoga, Sudarshan kriya, Padmasadhana & some meditations, it will help you and then “Am I so dumb?” will delete from your memory. And still if it is happening then do check your food habits! Experience and explore!

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