Happy New Year 2017

Every year on 31st December I wonder – what to do this time? How to make it a happening one  – so that I can share it with all my friends & family. Tried following the trends of the world of celebrating 31st December but no-one of them is soul satisfying for me.

This year also, the question remained same but then I read this poem by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji

“As the clock ticked in the midnight,
Fireworks flashed through the sky.

Explosions heard everywhere,
Not to wake up but to put people into intoxicants.

Drums fell on deaf ears
For the lame to dance on the darkest hour.

The end relished, the beginning perished
Without a sense of ownership.

The lonely New Year Sun rose quietly
Only empty streets to watch its glory and beauty.

A deadly silence spoke in volumes
Of the time that we are in now.

A ray of hope pierced through the earth
Looked for the values deep hidden.

The majestic Eagle kept wondering
If man would ever learn new ways of celebration.

This poem hit the right point in my head & made the point to come out of the ritual celebration of the world – welcoming 2017. 2017’s first Sun will be in front of me in few minutes & I will cherish the moment as I then will have a word to spread that 2017’s Sun doesn’t rose quietly – I was there with him – welcoming him with full love.

Yet – 31st Night – we celebrated in a unique way – Welcomed 2017 with Guru Puja (Worshipping the Gurus – teachers) & blissful Satsang with Harshal Pulekar, Rashmin Pulekar, Saleel Pulekar, Swami Santosh Ji & Paras Dhawan – 100+ people enjoyed & soaked in the soul-stirring music & chants of Guru Puja.

Definitely, this year I have something new to share with all and I will proudly say that – I welcomed 2017 with Guru Puja & Satsang with 100+ Satsangis. You can even watch it –




Prasad Karwa

Volunteer of @ArtOfLiving ; Devotee of @SriSri Ravi Shankar Ji ; Digital Marketer & Website Designer | I am proud follower of @narendramodi Ji. #ProudIndian

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