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Void in LOVE? – Here’s what I think you should do

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Void in Love? No worry – Read my story…

“I was very curious about the word “LOVE” when I was in my 10th grade and for me, the definition of the love which the world told me is to have a Girl-Friend! And the mission started.

Then one day, I found that girl – I don’t know what I loved in her but I was in love with her deeply – weird fact is for making her on my side I lied so many things to her & in 2 years when I realised that lying is wrong – I confessed everything to her & from that very day she started hating me.”

I know what you are feeling now – this was more or less same for me too when she started hating me & finally blocked me from all means to her. I started hating myself & my mistakes. But there was one thing which was constant, that “I LOVE HER”. But the void as you also said is irreplaceable, yet I started to find a new meaning to LOVE – actually some other girl. I twice fell into the relationship with two different girls but “NO” this was not love for me, that feeling of LOVE which was there with the first one, was missing here.

After some time!

Days later I attended some spiritual seminars too but none of them worked for me. One day my sister forcefully took me to some “Maha Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji”, that day I don’t know what happened but for the first time – I listened to something which my heart wanted to listen from those couple of years of being departed from my love. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji said – “Love is not an emotion or feeling – You are love. You are made up of the material called LOVE. Your nature is LOVE”.

This was still okay-okay and least satisfying but then he said – “If the love is conditional it is not the love it is a mere attraction – Love is always unconditional” & my mind triggered to the fact – “YES! YES! I love her unconditionally… It’s true Love..! But what about her? She loved me for some reason but left me because I lied to her :( Oh No! She never loved me..” this annoyed me more, but then he continued & said – “Do you know Krishna never got married to Radha. But we still give an example of Radha-Krishna. Similarly, we give examples of Romeo-Juliet. True love is beyond bodies & unconditional – You love someone is Love but someone should love you back is the condition, then it is not love. Longing Love is the purest.”

Oh! now he’s talking some sense but yet the hunger of my mind was not fulfilled & then he said – “In true love, you are ONE & how can there be two in love & then get married?”

BINGO! I accepted the fact that she is no more in my life but this thing never disturbs me because I know longing love is the purest & we are ONE.

P.S.: Now, we are again connected through social media & we talks sometimes. Still, I love her but now I don’t expect it back.

I hope you will realize it & enjoy that void – like I do. I will also suggest you practise some meditation (I prefer Sahaj Samadhi Meditation – of Art of Living & Sudarshan Kriya of Art of Living) so to give mind rest & save you from restlessness & negative thoughts. Believe me, it works! I am enjoying each moment of my life with that void very much!


Prasad Karwa

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  1. Priya bankar

    Wow your words are awesome… keep blogging… loved to read you.. I can relate with you… I always wanted to write blog which directs my friends towards art of living.. because sometimes we can’t explain it.. but we an write it… thanks your blogs are very helpful for my blogging vlogging career too.. I always wanted to do like this.. now u gave me direction❤

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