Challenge to come out of Doer-ship!

Hello, everyone!

This time rather giving tips or sharing experiences, I want your valuable suggestions to face this challenge.

Challenge is – How to come out of doer-ship?

Let me explain the situation in little depth. Everybody knew that by the successive practice of Sudarshan Kriya, Yoga and Meditation one explores so many dimensions. Similarly, from last few years I am practicing these techniques and it benefitted me very well. From learning music to starting my new venture, it helped me everywhere. Once I was a very shy boy and now when I am learning new things and getting more and more testimonials and appreciations, somewhere I am experiencing doer-ship and because of this somewhere I am feeling that I am getting stuck in the pride, ego, and arrogance. I knew the circumstances of being in this mode and I want to get away with it. Definitely, Sudarshan Kriya, Yoga and Meditation are helping me dealing with these at a subtle level but right now I want so quick solutions, you can term them as ‘shortcuts’.

I believe that everything which is happening in my life is because of the grace of my master, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, and blessings of my parents and God. But yet, sometimes these feelings (above mentioned) gets into the head.

Creative solutions are most welcome!! Pl post it in comments below!!


p.s. I want to thank my mentor Shri. Saleel Pulekar Ji, who is making me strong by throwing me in such challenges!

Prasad Karwa

Volunteer of @ArtOfLiving ; Devotee of @SriSri Ravi Shankar Ji ; Digital Marketer & Website Designer | I am proud follower of @narendramodi Ji. #ProudIndian

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