#Quora – How do I get a Friend?

To give you the most simplest, practical and BEST OF THE BEST SOLUTION in a single sentence is –


Literally, any program of Art of Living and then you will find such awesome souls who are totally crazy, enjoys life, excelling in their respective fields, keeps smiling all the time, never leave you alone, cheering and serving society, empowering generations and full too “Mera Kya Yoga (What About me?)” out of zone people!

To join the nearest program – How do I learn Sudarshan Kriya? (That’s breathing technique taught in course – Check this Quora answer for the procedure)

There are also Youth Special Programs called YES!+ (You can join this too!)- Is art of living – yes+ course worth joining?

And yeah! I belongs to you! FRIENDS? You can catch me on email [email protected] or on my website www.prasadkarwa.com

Source: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-get-a-friend/answer/Prasad-Karwa-1

Love, Prasad!

Prasad Karwa

Volunteer of @ArtOfLiving ; Devotee of @SriSri Ravi Shankar Ji ; Digital Marketer & Website Designer | I am proud follower of @narendramodi Ji. #ProudIndian

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