INSIDE OUT – Meet the little voices inside your head! with RASHMIN PULEKAR

Today! Had a most amazing & fun-filled interactive session with Rashmin Bhaiya! (Art of Living International Teacher & TEDx Speaker) on INSIDE OUT – Meet the little voices inside your head!

My take aways from session:

  1. SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are always ready for improvising themselves. Improvising is one of the traits of the successful one. Mediocre people will give reasons, will find excuses but successful people will be always ready for getting better & they take risks! They don’t think what if I fail or if I had a bad experience! They take risks!
  2. Technology is to communicate and not to connect. We generally take it otherwise & that’s why there are so many problems in life. One will never say the same thing which he/she is saying in the chatting on the face.
  3. There is no guarantee in life. Just be!
  4. Loneliness???? Are you crazy! If you are in Mumbai, then just go to dadar station & stand there for few minutes. You will get a free massage too! It’s all just in our mind, just start working – start doing something.
  5. LETTING GO is the art everyone should learn! We keep the emotional garbage & showcase it to the whole world. The life is now becoming like a TV serial. Wake up! just let go and move on in life. Keep moving on!!!

and much more!! It was a complete package of FUN+KNOWLEDGE+LAUGHTER!!

P.S. Join the nearest Art of Living Course to implement all the above points! :)

Check the video:


Prasad! :)

Prasad Karwa

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