IBCricket – The Cricket Game which made me fall in LOVE with itself

Thanks! IBCricket for Inviting me!

So that was the day when my age-old fantasy of playing cricket in the stadium with thousands of people cheering for me came into reality. There was me with the bat and the bowler with a speed of about 140 kmps on the other end. He bowled with a little bit of outswinger for which I connected the ball to the long off in the gap for the huge six which actually went out of the ground. The best part was just after that ball I could see myself in the replay hitting that ball hard. The bowler might have got annoyed with that shot and the next bowl was direct on the stumps and I missed it. Yes! That was sad. Very sad. But do you know the best part of it? I could actually play for the next wickets too. You might be thinking, How on the earth that is possible, right? So the best thing is – the game was on VIRTUAL REALITY.

YES! I was wearing the cool gadgets and actually feeling like, I am standing in a stadium. From over a decade, I am playing different virtual games and also actual games on the ground and in that, I am a die-hard fan of the cricket especially. I might have played almost all the versions of the EA Sports Cricket Computer Game. But no game gave me the goosebumps and awesomeness as much as this VIRTUAL REALITY game of IBCricket gave me. Believe me guys, this is the most addictive, attractive and sensational game one can ever play.

As they say it on their website – World’s Most Immersive Virtual Reality Cricket, it is unarguably true. If I have to describe my journey in this virtual world of cricket in a single world then I would say – “Dhonisious” (That’s the word made-up by me – as Dhoni is my favorite player in the cricket). With the cool features and look-alike stadiums, dressing rooms – this game surprises you with each ball. At first instinct, I thought that it will be too easy as I am the one who have mastered so many of the virtual games in my lifetime. But that was not the story, each ball was challenging. Not just the faster ones but spinner bowlers were good too. With the effect of commentary and the noise of the audience, it was adding in the real-life experience in the virtual world game. But one of the best parts was – IB Cricket’s executive was cheering up all the time from outside and guiding me to play a different type of shot every time.

If you are the one – who loves cricket then you SHOULD visit the IB Cricket’s Store or as they say – IB Cricket’s Arcade and play in one of their stadiums. You will love it. Happy Playing!

Just a tip: Don’t go to hit every ball for SIX. It’s not that simple. Have some patience, maybe you can be next Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli.

Visit their website for more details: https://www.ib.cricket

Check out the videos in the tweets below:


IB Cricket - Virtual Reality Cricket Game

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