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NOTA – A blessing in disguise for the worst party

Hello Readers!

(Note: I used “He” mostly in the article – that doesn’t mean I don’t respect females. I respect them a lot)

Though, many of you know that my political ideology is right (& yes! I am proud of that) and I support Hon. PM Narendra Modi. A couple of days back it was very sad to see BJP losing the elections in 3 of the most important states of India – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh. But is this the win for the Congress party? Just think for a moment – Go and check the numbers and think again. Is this really a win for Rahul Gandhi? As per me – it is not. Then, who’s win it is? Let’s see…


  1. Congress lost miserably in Mizoram and after losing Mizoram, North East India is CONGRESS FREE. You will definitely agree with me that NE states are the least developed ones and never given due attention to them. The result? Congress has been thrown out by the people.
  2. Mahagathbandhan? They failed in Telangana. Big dreams of 2019 will not be so easy now considering this flop attempt.
  3. 15 years of Anti-Incumbency in Madhya Pradesh and the difference between seats in Congress and BJP is just 5. Seriously? But the interesting thing is if we see vote percentage in MP then BJP is leading Congress by 0.1% (Check the image below on this point). This is definitely just a moral victory by the Indian National Congress. BJP still holds very strong opposition party in the state. Not to miss the interesting manifesto of INC in MP:

The party has further promised Rs 10,000 as unemployment allowance for one young member per family for a period of three years

The Congress has promised a social security pension of Rs 1,000 per month to farmers who attain the age of 60 and whose land holding is below 2.5 acres, besides writing off farm loans of up to Rs 2 lakh.

Professionals like tourist guides and lawyers would be provided an “encouragement fee” of Rs 4,000 per month for five years for settling down in their respective professions.

A “jan jababdeh kanoon (public accountability law) would be enacted to hold the government departments responsible for providing public amenities

These are some of them in the manifesto, in which I have serious doubts. Though, Rahul Gandhi also said that within 10 days they will announce loan waivers for farmers. So, now let them decide the CM & we will start counting days. Though manifesto looks over-promising but I wish luck to the INC team in MP.


4. Rajasthan has an epic history in elections. Till 1989 Congress party was ruling Rajasthan, except for some 2-3 years in between Janta Party was in power. Then for 2 consecutive terms BJP was the ruling party and then after every term it is been fluctuating. A couple of months back BJP was expected to secure less than 50 seats. But they fought well and got 73 seats as against 99 for Congress (No clear Majority here as well). What was the vote difference? – 0.5% that’s it. (Check the image attached)


In all this, Congress was not able to achieve a clear majority in even a single state. Actually only in Chattisgarh, they performed well. Congratulations to INC team!

Though, good things in all this are –

  1. Congress can’t blame EVM anymore.
  2. Rahul Gandhi will become the face of Mahagathbandhan because of this victory. (That’s really good for BJP and team).
  3. The arrogance of some BJP leaders and supporters will be reduced.
  4. 3 states will have a chance to experience the great and ancient – INC’s government.

But yet, our question remains unanswered! Who is the real game changer?


Yes! NOTA is the real winner. If you refer both the images attached in the article above – NOTA’s percentage is bigger than the difference between the vote shares. Also, there are few places where BJP just lost by a few hundred and thousands of votes and NOTA’s share was more than the difference of votes between INC and BJP. So, let me be clear, I am talking about Madhya Pradesh precisely; as it was a very close battle (Considering 15 years of Anti-Incumbency).

Why people cast vote for NOTA?

  1. They are not happy with the current government.
  2. They don’t want to elect the opposition as well; as they don’t like them.
  3. They want to give the message to the parties contesting the elections that no one is good.


Dear NOTA voters,

What will happen with NOTA votes? You already saw! Unintentionally you are choosing someone. First of all please understand that with just 1-2% you are not giving any messages. Secondly, you don’t have a voice as you don’t have your representative.

So, what’s happening is, you don’t like the current government. You hate them but you don’t hate them so much or you don’t love the opposition so much that you can elect the opposition. So, if we consider odds – you equally hate both the parties, isn’t it? If yes! Then you are wasting your vote.

You have to make someone win

What will happen if NOTA wins? Obviously, we are not anarchist – we believe in Democracy, so we need a leader, a representative of our own. Thus, there will be re-election and again leaders from same parties will be there (Now, for some time forget about the particular person). You have to choose and make someone win, today or tomorrow.

Ask yourself how PRO-ACTIVE are you?

If there is a problem with current MLA/MP – have you ever met them and asked them why they are not doing this thing or that thing and why they are doing what they are doing? Have you ever taken one step from your side? If no! Then its better you spread your SO-CALLED MESSAGE by being a little PRO-ACTIVE.

“I read the story of one person who helped 200+ below poverty line families in getting Gas cylinders in proper cost (The officials were asking for more money). How? He checked the policies and schemes, he gathered all his information and then He went to their office and threatened them that if they over charge – he will file a complaint against them and will also publish an article in the newspaper (He is a journalist in the local newspaper).” Schemes are introduced by PM but if there is corruption in local levels – you need to wake up from your bed, pull your socks and do some work.


If you are pressing NOTA then you don’t have rights to ask your leader/representative any questions. He is not your leader. He is not someone you opted for. So, decide for yourself if you want to give up your rights by choosing NOTA – then that’s great! Keep doing your work and stop criticising or blaming the representative. Do you think it is illogical? Let me explain you by an example:

“Girish is an unemployed youth. His friend Ayush is working in MNC. This company has the system of electing leaders of the team. One day Ayush’s leader did something wrong. That is the company’s matter. If Ayush wants he can complain, he can crib, he can criticise, he can ask for change, he can do protest, basically, he has all rights – Why? Because Ayush is the one who elected his leader. But wait! Where is Girish in this picture? NOWHERE! Right?”

I think I don’t need to explain this simple logic to you now. I respect your opinion, I respect your ideologies but remember,

when there is a choice between BAD and WORST, one will go for BAD

Don’t waste your vote!

Go and vote!

Don’t let ANARCHY win over DEMOCRACY. Don’t give up your RIGHTS. Fight till the end. If necessary – Stand in the elections and WIN! Help the people.

Jai Hind!

Prasad Karwa.


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  1. Sheetal Pungliya

    I am neither politically active neither am I apolitical.

    However, this is an interesting article which clears myths and is so simple to understand that shrugging off our responsibility and just blaming is no good for anyone.

    To bring a change, we need to first be part of the system.

  2. सत्यमशिवमसुन्दरम

    प्रसादजी आपने बात तो 16आने = 1 रुपैय्या के हिसाब से साबित किया कि ‘none of the above’ वाले सारे बे-पैंदे के वो लोटे हैं जो खुद तो न कुछ कर पाते न दूसरों को करने में मदद कर रहे हैं।किंतु ये मानसिकता आयी क्यों ये भी उजागर करें तो बेहतर होता।आखिरकार ये उन 70 सालों के बेकार राजशाही के विरोध में ही election commission ने NoTA का option प्रकट करवाया EVM में। किन्तु इसके आगे क्या होगा ये अब उजागर हुआ है इन नतीजों को देख के। यह इस देश की English educational system का failure है जो लोगों को educated तो बना देता है practical नही। अब ये education system भी 70 साल वाली राजशाही का ही नतीजा है इसे उन्होंने बरकरार रखा ताकि ऐसे नपुंसक ही इस देश में पले बड़े और उनकी पार्टी शाही को बढ़ावा मिलता रहे और जो इस system के पार देख लेते वो इस system को छोड़ दूसरे देश पलायन कर देते।
    अब जो मध्य प्रदेश की जनता है वो अपने आपको काफी समझदार समझती आयी है अब तक।कुछ ऐसे निठल्लों का प्रदेश है ये जो ‘आ रिया भिया जा रिया भिया’ के पार नही जा पाए हैं आज भी। और ऐसे अपने को समझदारों से समझदार समझने वालों को आपकी बार समझ आ गयी हो तो आप का ये प्रसंग उम्दा स्तर तक प्रचलित हो ये मेरी आशा है। नमस्कार।

  3. Prasad Karwa

    आज नहीं तो कल, पर लोगों को ये ज़रूर समझ आएगा। मैं सिर्फ़ अपनी भूमिका निभा रहा हु। article पढ़ने और शेर करने के लिए धन्यवाद

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