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Neha Dhupia’s “It’s Her Choice” And Why I Don’t Watch Roadies Anymore!

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It’s her choice and serial abusers team. Let me introduce myself first, I am just a common guy who used to love Roadies some 5 years back but then something interesting happened in my life and I stopped watching this show. That interesting thing is – sense got prevailed!

I saw one video of Neha Dhupia where she is abusing a guy left and right because apparently that guy slapped a girl who was cheating him and four other guys. I definitely stand with Neha Dhupia when she said nobody gives you the right to slap a girl. But the most absurd thing which when I heard I was in shock for some time is – when Neha Dhupia said – “It’s her choice!” Wait! Seriously? It’s her choice? Is this the argument here? Thousands of people trolled her on social media and then she issued one statement where she thinks she is misinterpreted and she is against physical abuse in all sense. Now, first of all, let me tell Neha that nobody supports physical abuse. Everyone was trolling you because you said It’s her choice. Basically, it’s like saying to a rapist – It’s his choice, It’s like saying to a thief – it’s his/her choice. Fraud is a crime. Also, if physical abuse is wrong, so is mental abuse. It’s wrong too.

Now, comes to some other video where Neha and her team seem to be very happy when a girl said that I slapped a guy because he was cheating on me. It’s like the height of hypocrisy. On one side you support someone for something and then for that same thing you are against it, just because gender got changed in the other scenario? Though you might have got a good TRP and viewers this is really sad.

HYPOCRISY is in every cell of yours and your team! I am not saying this because of some hypothesis. I am saying this after looking at the fact. You guys are a hypocrite.

Now, coming to Nikhil C (whatever)… That guy was using motherf**ker words so frequently to abuse that guy, it’s insane! Nikhil was supporting women by abusing women. That’s Roadies level revolutionary thing. Also, I really want to ask all these crew members – if your partner is cheating on you with four others, what will you do? I know assaulting someone is wrong and I condemn it whole-heartedly and even that guy said that it was his impulsive decision and matter of fact people regret most of their impulsive decisions.

Last but not the least, why I stopped watching Roadies and why Roadies people can never stand for the women? – It’s simple! Their whole show runs on abuses of MC, BC… One who can’t respect someone in their communication or lingo can never become a person who respects someone to the level that they can stand for them.

Abuses are no cool.

Ruthless anger is no cool. 

Bring reactive to every goddamn thing is no cool.

Who do you call a cool? – Even if someone comes and abuse you verbally but you don’t give a damn about that and any amount of slander is not able to take away your smile is what cool is all about. What’s the use of such cool where someone just says you are a donkey and you lose your shit and start abusing that person!

Is it making some sense? I know, philosophy might be a little hard for you guys. Maybe someday sense will prevail in you all and you ban abuses on your show and hear the people out.

Bye Bye!

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