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Are Missionaries Trying To Convert Jesus Christ To Hindu?

A few months back I saw some of the very interesting pictures on social media related to conversions. As such social media is not so vocal against religious conversions. But there are certain people who are working to stop this nonsense of luring people to change their religions. I posted some of the pictures on social media and it really became so viral. Here’s my Facebook post of the same:

Isn’t that interesting? After looking at these pictures, the first thing which came to my mind is are these people trying to convert people or trying to convert Jesus Christ into Hindu? Because for all that we all know – Gangajal is definitely very significant in Hinduism, the source of yoga and meditation again connects us to the Sanatana Dharma and Satyanarayan Puja – oh c’mon!

Fun aside. Let’s talk about the real issue here: Is it right to lure people to convert their religion like this?

It is perfectly okay if someone wants to change their religion or accept some other religion with their will but misguiding people into believing that our God is the only God or everything you have is part of our religion is sickening. There have been multiple reports where people have been lured by offering money, offering food and stuff to convert. True religion or if we can precisely say true followers of any religion – will never lure people to follow their religion. It is sick and wrong.

We might have seen many videos on social media and post but due to some obvious reasons most of us don’t share that ahead. Those who share have to face a lot of hatred to talk about their opinions. It’s a strange world. Secularism in India is shattered into pieces. It is completely one-sided. Don’t know when it will be fixed but one thing I really want to point out here –

If you find any such religious conversions happening around you – bust them out. Use the power of social media. Do everything possible!

Some of my friends recently asked me what will happen? Let these people convert others, who cares? To which I think that religion is as much part of ours and our society as freedom. I do respect all religions but follow in one. I don’t have grudge or hatred against some particular religion but I care for my own. I am against those evil forces who believe in luring people into their religion. Who forces the religion. Who thinks their religion is supreme and others are useless.

Please do share this article with your friends and families – if you do care! Also do follow @NoConversion on social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.) – Whoever is handling that profile is doing wonderful work in this issue.


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