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The Real Super Power Of Thor, Ironman, Shaktiman & Others.. | Prasad

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You might be thinking how can we become Thor – who is a God of Lightening & Thunder or how can be Ironman – who has all the advanced tech whereas we suck at even basic mathematics… Thor isn’t Thor because of his special power, Ironman is not an Ironman because of his Tech and wisdom. There’s another SUPER-POWER that is working for them – which makes them HERO, which makes them different than – Dark Lord or Kaal or Kilvish or any other villains.

That power is –

Willingness to sacrifice themselves to help others.

Willingness to fight for right & justice.

Not abusing their powers & care for everyone.

Literally, this is the only difference between GOOD & BAD. HERO & VILLAIN.

But why I am saying this to you. What did you have to gain from all of this?

You might have felt or noticed that the world is going crazier every single day. A lot of negativity is there on social media. People are fighting on mere issues of what to wear and what not to. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions & they can express it freely to the world. This should be good but then there are few people who are influencers – WHO HAS THE POWER TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE through their big following & their opinions change the opinions of thousands of others who follow them.

Now, the world is getting divided into right and left. Which I am certainly part of (can’t help. Guilty!)

BUT BUT BUT, We can do something about it – WHAT?

Spread GOOD NEWS more

Help Others

Be Kind To Others

This will definitely help others but more than that this will HELP YOU. You will get this SUPER POWER & with great power comes the great responsibilities & similarly, with great responsibilities comes the great power.

Spread Love!

Prasad Karwa

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  1. Aditya Maheshwari

    Nicely written.

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