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Hi. I am Prasad Karwa!

I like to sleep a lot when I am not working.

There’s nothing in my story which can inspire you. But yeah! I am still full of surprises.

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What's in it for you?

Meditation classes

4 Days meditation class

I teach Art of Living's Meditation Programs where you can learn world-famous Sudarshan Kriya along with 5 super tips for a happy and more energetic life.
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Social media guidance

mastering digital growth

Get the chance to be on a free digital consultancy call for your business/brand or hire me to do end-to-end digital marketing services.
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Let's interact

I Love talking

If you would like to exchange some ideas or want me to motivate some group (though, I can just make them smile) or have some crazy money and pay me to speak at some conference or event. We can definitely connect!
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I know the photo is weird. But imp thing is to read what's written here 😜

Don’t know how can I reach to you,

Maybe you can give me the hint.

The path is too long,

I don’t want to get lost in between.

What’s the point of meeting you in the end,

If the whole path I have to walk alone.

I just wish to be with you NOW & THEN.

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#1 : I am NOTHING

The first rule of meditation is dropping that I am something. For few minutes be NOTHING.

#2 : I want NOTHING

Meditation is not a tool to ask God for stuff. Just sit and relax. That’s the second rule.

#3 : I do NOTHING

Not even planning, not even daydreaming. Just observe your thoughts coming and going. That’s third golden rule of meditation.

πŸ‘ˆπŸ» Now you can meditate. Here's a guided meditation for you in voice of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
πŸ‘‡πŸ» Now you can meditate. Here's a guided meditation for you in the voice of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
What people say

Don't just believe these people.
Try me out πŸ˜‰

Prasad Karwa's Blog

If not a meditation teacher or a digital marketer - I would always want to be a writer & here I write! So go read...

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Upcoming Programs

Because you deserve all of this.

Believe me when I say that you deserve all of this & I guarantee you none of these sessions will be boring.Β 

& double guarantee of getting much more than you might have expected.

Online meditation & breath Workshop

2500 for lifetime
  • Will be announced soon!
  • 2 Hours x 4 Days
  • Learn Sudarshan Kriya
  • 5 Super Life Hacks
  • Lifetime Weekly Free Follow-ups
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Basics of Digital Marketing

2000 8 Sessions (July)
  • 1st July to 31st July
  • One to one consultation
  • Learn Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • Learn the content strategy
  • Super Growth Tools to simplify your work and speed it up!
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