Happy Birthday Saleel Bhaiya :D

It is a privilege to have a mentor who breaks you, creates you, molds you, bakes you & then makes you shine in the world. I’m very very very very grateful to almighty that I got such an mentor in form of Saleel Bhaiya. It is very hard for me to express in words what I feel about him because I can’t express my life in few words.

Today is his Birthday! Yayy!!

Happy Bday bhaiya.. Live Long & keep blessing me & this beautiful universe by your divine presence. Here is a short poem for you.. Hope you will like it,


Whenever I got crazy idea in mind
& nobody was ready to listen to it
You were there for me
To listen me with INFINITE PATIENCE
Whenever I decided to do something unique
& nobody was ready to join me
You were there for me
Giving me courage to do with BLESSINGS
Whenever I was not able to sleep
& nobody was there to pass the time with me
You were there for me
Discussing mind blowing ideas with FULL CREATIVITY
Whenever I confined myself within a limited identity
& people made fun of me
You were there for me
Whenever I was getting bored 
& nobody was there to give me recordings
You were there for me
Giving awesome talks recordings with BROADNESS in VISION
Whenever I got wrong in my life
& everybody starts criticizing me
You were there for me
To hold my finger & correct me with FULL LOVE & COMPASSION
Today, Life is on such a chapter
Where I can’t imagine my life without YOU
Because whoever I am today,
Whatever I am today,
Wherever I am today,
It is just because of YOU..
It is just because of YOU..

PS. : Whoever is reading this post other than Saleel Bhaiya, they must book his appointment as soon as possible coz spending time with him is a unique experience.

Till then you may check out his awesome website : www.saleelpulekar.in

Check out his YouTube channel : CLICK HERE
Follow him on Twitter : @saleelpulekar
Like his page on Facebook : Saleel Pulekar



Happy Birthday Saleel Bhaiya.



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