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Are You There My Friend?

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I was talking to one of my friends after a long long time. It started with some work which she had & then we chatted a little long, discussing from politics to career, to food & whatnot. It was really nice talking to her. After I hung up the call something stuck in my mind, that we call ourselves friends but are we actually there for them? or are they actually there for you? Not when there’s some problem or some celebration but at any random time. Are we available for them if they just want to do some time pass and just talk?

I too had those moments when I have read the epic quotes on friendship and get that wisdom of life that friend is always there in need; true friends will be there for you in your bad times even that friend is not around you for a long time… I used to believe in this arrangement but somewhere I think that this arrangement is too ideal whereas friends and friendship are full of goof-ups and mismanagement and fun revolving around all this fiasco and still manage to get the best out of the scenario. Yeah, I know I sound like a Bollywood movie story with the friendship stories which attract everyone. But yeah, somewhere I do believe in this arrangement more.

We are going through a difficult time because of the pandemic and a lot of people who might be our friends as well might be facing some challenges and problems just like we all are facing. Everyone is fighting their own battle and actually we can’t even change that. Everyone has to fight their own battle, you can’t help anyone in that but sometimes you don’t need someone to fight along with you, we just need someone to divert our mind from all the problems in the world and enjoy for few moments. That’s where friends come up. In the last many months, I have called many of my old friends (because of some work majorly) & after talking to them – I felt relaxed & happy and I hope they had the same experience.

I think we should do this small activity. Take out half an hour (yeah! I know it’s too much for your useless friends :P But believe me they need it and so you) and call your friends. Better will be video calls. Call them, talk to them. If possible organize some group video calls with your old friends. You can play some games like Pictionary, Antakshari, Taboo, etc. or you can just hang out and timepass. I tell you this 30 minutes will be a healing experience. If I may, then I can say – this experience will be equivalent to or even greater than the best therapies in the world.

These are purely my thoughts on this topic. You may agree, you may disagree – we don’t need to debate on that. There’s already a lot of debates going on in the country & even in the world right now. Let me know what are your thoughts on this topic & make sure to call one of your friends and ask – ARE YOU THERE MY FRIEND?

(P.S.: I am really sorry if I have missed your calls. I have really screwed sleeping schedule. Please msg me, I will reply to you for sure – I know I am a little fool who wrote all the big things above and now writing this note below which might look contradictory. But yeah! I am not perfect. I don’t even have the ambition to be perfect. But yeah! I will improve. Actually, in fact, I have improved a little bit. PRAY FOR ME :P LOL)

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