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Today I Completed 25 Years On This Beautiful Planet

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If someone asks me “What is the dream?” – I can say “the last 25 years!” It’s been 25 long years for me to be on this beautiful planet and it looks like just a dream. I don’t feel that I am here for the last 25 years (Haha!) Life has taught me so many things, I met so many amazing people on this journey.

Yesterday, when I realized that I will be 25 years old today – I took out some time to think about what’s next? People talk about Birthday resolutions. Should I also take one? If yes! Then what it should be?

I thought a lot. I even started to make a list of 25 resolutions. I thought it would be cool. But I couldn’t even complete that. I just hope to be a better human being, a better son & a better friend :)

& let this dream continue till I find my purpose and ultimate resolution for the life :)

Also, thank you everyone who wished me on my special day!

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