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Secret To LIVE THE LIFE you can LOVE ❤️

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Let me share this interesting secret with you all today.
The secret to life is to learn one very simple thing. That is to push ourselves out of the bed when we don’t feel like it. That’s it. That’s the secret.
Did I feel like waking up at 5:00 in the morning? NO
Did I want to get out of bed this morning? NO
Did I feel like doing yoga every morning? NO
It’s tiring, frustrating, and requires a lot of willpower to get out of bed and do all this. But the result, the goal is satisfying to the core.
Learning to push ourselves through that resistance, through that feeling of let’s skip it today, through that self-doubt and all the nonsense shit going on in our mind – is the secret to achieving everything.
Because, the longer we stay in our bed, the longer we feel trapped in our thoughts and feelings, the longer we listen to our procrastination and lazy mind – the longer we are going to miss out on the life which we could be living.
What’s the answer? It’s simple.
Get up! Get going! The only secret is to put ourselves in action every single morning.
If we practice pushing ourselves out of the bed when we don’t feel like it; we are building this habit, this discipline, this strong commitment… we are making ourselves ready where we know that we can rely on ourselves to do the hardest things in life even when the things are not in our favor.
& this will get us everything that we deserve. That’s the simple yet the most difficult trick.
Recently, since I have been conducting yoga, I am able to try this out and believe me it is satisfying, it makes me happier. Each and every cell of mine is pumped up with energy and enthusiasm & that’s what life is my friend!
Remember, tomorrow you are going to wake up. Create that 5-second window; jump out of your bed and get going!
P.S.: If you are attending the yoga challenge – make sure to come every single day and make yoga a habit. You might get thousands of reasons to not do something. But find 1 way to make sure to complete the things you want to do it.

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  1. Anonymous

    100% True,well said prasad garu 🙏🏻

  2. Ushamadanmohan

    Nice story whenever person is low he should read this story in case person read about this just recollect the story may be person react and think person may follow the what he understood about the story person may wake up with smile feeling all goes well .my case when I will get up in the morning I think what I learn from Prasad I will do sometimes I may miss it’s ok then next day I follow breathing pattern I like it Thankyou Prasad (Sir ) God Bless you all ( including your team )

  3. Anonymous

    It’s very true sir. Nice story.

  4. Janki Mavani

    V True Hero

  5. Anonymous

    it’s truly life transforming.

    The 5 second window rule really works.
    5, 4, 3, 2, 1 And do it.
    Do not attach any emotions with the task.
    Just do it.

    Thank You Prasad for the yoga challenge.

  6. Raj Dembla

    Thanks a lot Prasad Sir A wonderful inspiring and motivating piece of writing focusing so profusely & lovingly too on cultivating a good habit of getting rid of procrastinating whims. Yes with a strong will& indomitable spirit, one can learn & achieve a lot And ultimately, experience the joy, satisfaction & real happiness which had appeared to be rather impossible At times when one feels low

  7. Anonymous

    Great said sir

  8. Kamini gupta

    It’s a wonderful msg
    A reality of life which people find v v difficult to do

  9. R Bhavani

    Yes…its absolutely true…
    There is a Hindi kahavt ‘ jo so gaya, who bahut kuch kho diya’ which justifies your story very well.

  10. Smita shah

    I have commited my self to wake up early and join yoga chellenge eventhough knee problem. I join yoga and do with confident while sitting on chair my lungs and heart are day by day become strong which i feel. Thanks lot to prasad sir.

  11. Deepashri

    Well said Prasad sir .
    Will try on my children

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