Article: Tolerance – A sincere conversation

Friends are the oxygen of our existence. True it is!
Because of one of my friend, I have experienced the most amazing conversation in my life. It started with the Modern technology and ended with Sick Ideology.

He (My friend) was checking my phone, after some minutes he looked at me in disguise and utter confusion. He asked “who are you?”.
That wasn’t surprise for me because there are not so usual things in it. I replied – “Prasad.. The Prasad Karwa”.

Then he interrogate and said that, “Why are you not replying to those crabs of your division? They are pulling you, criticizing you, making fun of you all the time… Still you remain so silent, why? They are insulting your master His Holiness +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  and making fun of techniques which are best for human beings. They are making nuisance of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Still you are silent why?? Don’t you feel bad and hurt?”

“Definitely, Not! They are amazingly amazing…” I replied.
“But why are you don’t throw facts and stats to them, in just seconds all there ego will shatter in pieces..” He suggested.
“There’s no point showing LIGHTS to BLIND folks.. There’s no point sharing wisdom with the ignorant people. It will waste my time and so their.” I smiled and said abruptly.

“Oh yeah! This is true. But this is heights of TOLERATING them, Don’t you think they are CRABS, the Indian Crabs? Pulling your leg..” He explained

“Oh No, No.. They are not CRABS! They are highly enlightened people making me strong by there criticizes. Indeed they are pulling my legs but I enjoyed that, they are giving me more strength. They are such amazing people… Also, whatever I am today is because of them, because I got inspired by them, my inspiration was that I don’t want to become like them… hehe..” I smiled!

He interrupted me and asked “But don’t you feel insulted and bad..?? There words are so hard to digest.. Don’t they make you angry?”

I smiled and replied that ” It is not in my nature.At first, I used to but now I am resistant to this nonsense, thanks to them. Anyways, the words of ignorant should not affect one. They make no sense for me and so I don’t give enough importance to them and there words.. I enjoy them”

“But, They are harm to the society” He grief.

After few minutes of silence I said, “Indeed they are, but they will definitely find their way. Some people understand before getting slapped by the incident and some get it after it. I hope and wish that they will start living life soon…”

I added “You know, these people dance on the name of Science and make fool of our culture and traditions and rituals, They laugh on yoga, meditation… I think they might be PT lover (Big Laugh).. Science and Spirituality is the two faces of coin. They will experience it soon… Till then, let them exist on this beautiful planet.. Sick Ideology of my teaching friends will change, surely.. “

After few minutes, he laughed and asked – “I’m still at the same question, Who are you???”.

with full pride and confidence in eyes, I replied – “A proud youngster of great country India, A proud volunteer of The Art of Living. An more that that I am SSD…(SSD??? Think Think….)”

Credits: To some of my awesome friends, who gave me such confidence to think of such answers.
With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK
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