Can’t keep calm because it’s my master’s birthday. I still remember how was I before joining The Art of Living course. There was nothing so special in my life. But after the The Art of Living course everything changed. Suddenly my life became more happening & I start celebrating life. I thanks Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for uplifting my life. Today the world is celebrating birthday of Gurudev. I am very happy to express my gratitude towards him in the form of poetry –
When my life went topsy-turvy
When nothing was happening as per my wish
When no-one showed care for me
When life shown me a bad part of it
I thought I am alone
I thought there’s no-one to care for me
I thought nobody will show up to support me
I sat down on the almighty mother Earth
& Prayed for your blessings
Earth got a sudden spins
Winds blows as a cold breeze
Birds started chirping in a musical way
& all the problems solved by themselves
I asked “Who are you?”
& I got the answer “Tera Main”..
& I realized that I have a Guru
Who will never leave me
Who is with me 24×7


Prasad Karwa

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