Frustration – WHY? to _____?

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In the last couple of years, I met so many people of different fields, different passions, different natures yet I found so many common things in them. The most wondering common thing which I found in most of them was there FRUSTRATION and then REACTION out of frustration. It is interesting to be witness of such events. You know why? Because every time when I see someone in frustration and he/she is reacting, most of the people around them also become frustrated and irritated. So basically frustration is a communicable phenomenon. 

Why people get frustrated?

This is the most complicated thing to answer and also the controversial to answer because everyone has there own reason. Some may get frustrated by looking someone, another may get frustrated because of his/her own behaviour. God has designed each very uniquely. A big WONDER!

What are the effects of reacting due to frustration?

Sometimes horrible, sometimes funny. It’s a warning – People may never talk to you if you hurt them while reacting due to frustration or people will never take you so seriously. I remembered when I was in my schooling, I horribly reacted due to frustration on one of my friend and till the date he don’t talk to me, nor do I because of guilt :| . If you want to play safe better to avoid getting frustrated.
What is the solution? – It’s very simple. Yeah! It’s as simple as you smile. As simple as you eat. It is very very amazing to go with this solution yet yet yet skill is required to go with this option. The simplest answer is – WOW!

WOW? What’s this WOW?

Imagine the situation due to which you get frustrated, the question arise in your head might be WHY THIS IS SO AND SO? Isn’t it? and you start getting frustration. Now just turn whole situation upside down – Say WOW! WOW THIS IS SO AND SO.. AMAZING.. INTERESTING.. WONDERFUL.. MARVELLOUS.. and then check your mind! You will never get frustrated.
The WHY behind WOW – If you remembered I wrote that you need skill in this option, you know why? Because if you always do WOW and never react or ACT then the situation may get worse. So, remember SKILLS is important. Which SKILLS? – This you need to figure out.
So, That’s it for today else you all will get frustrated by my writings and then you will not Like, Share & Comment below! :P :P

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P.S. :- Yesterday was birthday of lord Krishna – Janmashtami. Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  said in satsang that the message of this Janmashtami is be JIGYASU ( Curious ) and GYAANI ( Wise ).
Check out the video of Today’s yesterday’s satsang – CLICK HERE
Frustration - Why? - Prasad Karwa
Prasad Karwa

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