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Top 10 Life-Lessons Everyone Must Follow | A Leadership Guide

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Life is funny and interesting. We often hope to live life to its fullest but every now and then we get dragged in the reality of life. Talking from a spiritual perspective – this all might be just a dream and one day we might wake up; so, worrying unnecessarily in life and being insecure is useless.

Remember, one day we will die & that day can be any-day. Want to live life to the fullest? Better say BYE to all the insecurities, stress, anxiety and worries in life. By the way – when you complete reading this – please do share it ahead & drop some lovely comments in the chat.

Here are my top 10 life-lessons which will change your life : (which I will explain little bit in detail)

  1. We are going to die one day
  2. Why are you doing, what you are doing
  3. What’s your nature
  4. There’s nothing to fear
  5. You know your strength
  6. You become inferior & it’s not good
  7. Are you the doer?
  8. Who’s at fault?
  9. Play the game
  10. What’s at the stake?
  11. [ BONUS ] I know it all – The dangerous path

Though, all these points are almost same but will still try to add some differentiator while writing :)

1. We are going to die one day : Often, we live and behave as if we are immortal. Believe me, we all will die – maybe sooner than we have expected. Carrying the burden of insecurity is not a good idea. The person who lives life believing that this is the last day of my life – who is living in the present, will never fall for insecurity. There’s nothing to posses.

2. Why are you doing, what you are doing : You might have started doing something with a goal or an objective. Always remember that and focus on it. But at the same time – keep giving yourself reminder of the reason why in the first place you started. Because when we miss that out – we get trapped in the reality and it’s not nice & thus we start feeling insecure about even the smallest things which we posses.

3. What’s your nature? : Call me optimistic or the person who tries to see good in all but I believe everyone’s nature here is to stay happy, care for others, be kind and amazing. Worries comes because we feel someone might con me, someone might use me, I might lose something etc…! I like to give benefit of doubt to every one till the end. I know they will come along.

4. There’s nothing to fear : What is that you are going to take away with you to the heavens? NOTHING. Maybe some blessings and love. So, why to fear? why have insecurities? Just let go and feel free.

5. You know your strength : Often insecurities kicks in when you have self doubt or doubt on the system or doubt on the divine… this is the sign of low energy. You might be doing some amazing work and you might be really good but doubts can make you super-weak. Remember your strengths & keep growing.

6. You become inferior & it’s not good : There might me million others who are better than do and doing amazing work. That doesn’t mean you don’t know or you are lazy. Feeling inferior and comparing yourself with others is the biggest mistake one can do. You are UNIQUE. (Tu hai.. tujhe pata nahi hai… par tu hai :P )

7. Are you the doer? : Once someone wise asked me. I said YES, with a big smile and pride. But throughout all these years after that I have realised I am not the doer. Everything is happening and there’s a reason for that. I never wished or did intentionally all that which took me down but there was a power which was doing that and that made me strong. If it is true for the opposite of what we plan, then I am pretty sure – what we are doing as per the plan is also the masterplan of a higher power.

8. Who’s at fault? : Finding fault is easy and I have done this a lot of time in my life. Even today I am doing the same unconsciously but time and again I am trying to stop finding the faults. Faults will bring the blame along with & blaming makes us weak as we give the control of our actions, inactions, life in hands of others. Stop finding fault. See it as a mistake, educate and ignore. Move ahead in life.

9. Play the game : What if… wait! There’s no concrete way to say that we are not just a matrix or this life is just a play. Why we are here? we don’t know. What we have to do here? we don’t know. How we are here? we don’t know.Where will go after this? we don’t know. There’s literally no information available. Even games have some info. But seems like God/higher power created this meaningless life just for fun. A game without objective, purpose and destination. Just the endless game where one day your time will be up. So, stop worrying and just play your part. (yeah! add enthusiasm in life along with it.

10. What’s at the stake? : What did you own anyways? as said in the first point, anyways we are going to die and we are not going to take anything with us… all that money, fame, power, position will stay here. So, you anyways don’t have anything. YOU ARE FREE. Fools are those who feels the bondage of the life.

11. I know it all – The dangerous path : Often people has this complain about me – that I always stay in the I know it all state & It’s true as well. To be frank, I am still figuring out – how can I come out of it. I don’t know when and how will I get out of it (maybe – I just came out of it right now while saying I don’t know :P ). But staying in I know it all – is bad, really bad. Knowing limits us, unknown is infinite & sets us free.

It feels so amazing to write such a long blog after a long long long long long long time. Hoping to see you all soon :)

Love, Prasad :)

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