#Guruprience – #2 Vighnaharta Hi h Tu

Read if you believe in miracles! ;)
This story is very very very very very very very very very x (infinity) times special for me and for 30 more lucky souls. Today I realised that no problem is bigger than your faith. No problem can affect you. On this journey of spirituality, you may feel that you are losing, you might fail, you might fall but believe me if you have faith to be on the path till the end, if you can take on every challenges in the path then no power can make you fall. You are the winner.
This story starts with intention of some volunteers and teachers to bring Divine Change in the society. #VighnahartaDSN was the course organised. One of the finest youth mentor Saleel Pulekar Ji was called for taking the DSN Program (Art of Living’s level 2 program – DSN stands for Divya Samaj Ka Nirman, Do Something Now, Don’t Say No). Due to some reasons, it became impossible for Saleel ji to take his flight for Pune to take the course because of some important meetings in Art of Living International Centre (Bangalore Ashram).
Saleel Bhaiya addressed all the participants through Skype on Reporting Day (That’s yesterday – 31st August) and bhaiya said that one of the biggest barrier is barrier of place and above that is the barrier of taking decision quickly. And Guess what? – Bhaiya said to us that you all can come here (Bangalore Ashram) tomorrow if you really want to break barriers. JaaaiiiGuuruuuudevvv!!! See you all tomorrow! :P


Everybody was in WHAT moment? One angle was telling YES.. and other was punching with ARE YOU MAD? IT IS NOT POSSIBLE NOR PRACTICAL.
Nobody believed what they just heard. Now what? Hustle Bustle Hustle Bustle Ooosss Aaaasss Hmmmmm… mmmMMMmm… OoNooYEssSooNooNOoooYessYesS..
I was totally blank! What was happening there was not so usual. I was thinking what I should do? Finally I decided to Join them in NoooYEsssSOOooooNOoooOOYEsss…!!
Hard to believe – (for me as well) that we are on our journey from OK Life to a DSN LIFE. Bangalore We are coming!
First time ever in the Art of Living’s 35 years this might have happened. 
So, here Vighna (Problem) was that bhaiya is not able to come to Pune to conduct the course. So, what? We have our VIGHNAHARTA (Problem Solver) – Our Guru with us. We are coming Guruji…!! :* :* :* 

Vighnaharta Hi h Tu..!! 

Guru Story Art of Living
Prasad Karwa

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Prasad Dada – You all went to Bangalore at short notice.. leaving behind all your schedules… what a dedication, dada? Proud of you.

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