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Beyond Imagination

Way back in the year 2011, I have decided that one day I want to be in Politics – not for making money but to do social service. I was deeply saddened by the conditions of poor people & there was always a corner in my heart which used to say – I want to do something for society & for needy people. Don’t know how and when this corner became the goal of my life. Now, the only challenge for me was to find some platform which will help me in achieving my goal. My sister introduced me to Art of Living Organization & so out of curiosity that how this organization is in more than 150+ countries, I enrolled for the Happiness Program of Art of Living. I loved the program & the way my teacher taught us. Especially I loved the Sudarshan Kriya (Powerful breathing technique).

Firstly I thought Art of Living is just like some other NGOs but just little widespread in the whole world. But as days passed & I continued being in it & getting involved in different social initiatives by Art of Living – each time I found Art of Living expanding out of my imagination.

Today when I look into Art of Living, it is not just an NGO – It is a whole world:

  1. Art of Living Schools
  2. Sri Sri University
  3. Sri Sri Publication
  4. Sri Sri Ayurveda
  5. Sri Sri Rural Development Program Trust
  6. World Forum of Ethics in Business
  7. International Association of Human Values
  8. Volunteer for better India
  9. World Leadership Forum
  10. World Forum of Ethics in Sports
  11. River Rejuvenation Programs
  12. Several women empowerment programs
  13. Art of Living Matrimonial
  14. Art of Living Human Resource
  15. .
  16. .
  17. and much more… even I don’t recall all!

Then I looked into the fact that this all is possible just because of CEO (Constant Enthusiasm Operator) of Art of Living – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji (Popularly called Gurudev or Guruji). Who is he & how he operates? It’s a mystery! Actually a mystery. Because I never saw him giving motivation to volunteers & teachers – He inspires them & then everyone works with the full ownership. He never tells anybody what to do and how to do – He walks the talks & people learns from it.

To be on point – if you want to be the most successful leader/CEO/MD or anything in your field/company then observe Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji functioning for just one hour – You will learn all the management, leadership mantras.

Still, my goal is same – to help the society & needy people but now I don’t worry at all because now I know that there’s someone one is taking care of me 24×7. Also, I don’t limit myself to the materialistic bounding goals because I learned to live beyond imagination!

Prasad Karwa! :)

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