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Interesting Question & Answers with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji

Ques: Guru Ji, Do you have any goals?
Sri Sri: I just inspire the people to set their goals.

Ques: Guru Ji, You are our role model !
Sri Sri: But I model all your roles.

Ques: Guru Ji, What makes ordinary man extraordinary?
Sri Sri: Extra ordinary man always thinks they are ordinary.

Ques: Guru Ji, Please show me the path.
Sri Sri: Why? Why shall I show you the path? I am not irresponsible.I will take you to your goal.It’s my habit.

It’s the age of aero planes and you are talking in terms of bullock carts.You have sat in a plane and your flight has taken off.Now, this plane will take you to your destination. You need not ask for the path.

Ques: You are so wonderful,when can I become like you?
Sri Sri: First stop attempting to become like me. Know that I am you.

Ques: Guru Ji, how to fight circumstances?
Sri Sri: Why do you want to fight? Accept it.

Ques: Guru Ji, We love you.
Sri Sri: You do not have any choice! Neither do I.

Ques:I have turned adult yesterday,any advice?
Sri Sri:Just stay there, Just like me, I am a teenager who refuses to grow.

Ques: Any advice on raising children?
Sri Sri: I have no experience in the matter.I do the job of making adults into children.

Ques: Guru Ji, what is the difference between Sukh(happiness)and Ananda(bliss)?
Sri Sri; Sukh can be followed by Dukh, but Ananda is folllowed by Ananda only.

Ques: Can we have multiple Gurus?
Sri Sri: One Guru is more than enough to handle, why do you want to have multiple Gurus.

Ques: Don’t you get tired of wearing white all the time?
Sri Sri: No, because I am colorful myself ! Isn’t it ?

Ques: What is the purpose of life ?
Sri Sri; Make a list of what is not.When you come to the last thing,you will get it!

Ques: How to maintain always happy?
Sri Sri: First drop ‘Always’. Today we are happy. Tomorrow, we will see tomorrow,

Ques: After seeing you.I don’t feel like going to temples to worship the idols.
Sri Sri: It is okay. Initially, we need forms to worship and gradually we moves towards worshiping the formless.The divine is present everywhere.

Ques: Why do we run behind you like the mice run behind the pied piper?
Sri Sri; That’s what I wonder too!(Looking behind him) Anyway, there is no one behind me all you are sitting in front of me.I keep everyone in front of me and push them forward!I am behind you.

Ques: How I will find my soul mate?Can you help me to chose my soul mate?
Sri Sri; You are asking the wrong person,the wrong question. Anyway choice is yours, blessings are mine.

Ques: You travel round the globe all the time,which is the most beautiful place you have visited?
Sri Sri; In your heart.

Ques: I love you the most, who do you love?
Sri Sri: All of you.

Ques: It is said that when we take one step towards the Guru, he takes ten towards us. If we take one step backwards, what does he do?
Sri Sri: Wait for you to take a step forward…


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