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This Connection Is Weak!

Connect to people. This digital era has made this big globe into a small village where you can communicate, connect to people within seconds. How amazing is that. A few years back we didn’t have this amazing facility but somehow we were more connected to each other. That’s what I think and believe. But today, even though we can make new connections and connect to the old ones with literally few clicks – yet we are lost and we don’t have a connection or what I love to call it – “This connection is weak!”

We don’t know when, how, where you might need help or you might get the chance to help others! When we are connected to each other – we can be useful to others and we can get help when we need it. Just a few days back, a friend called me after years for help and somehow I knew someone who could help and a life got saved. This is the power of staying connected (even not everyday but good to be there)

I believe the true purpose of social media is not to connect to our friends and family members but to connect to strangers, connect to friends of friends or relatives of relatives! Yeah… connect to strangers. You read it right. To connect to our friends and relatives – it is better we meet them, call them – not necessarily every day but at least once in a month or a couple of months. Unfortunately, we don’t do that and rely completely on social media. As humans, we need a human touch. We cannot be hooked on social media. Social Media friends can’t replace your family and friends. In social media – let’s be more social and socialize with strangers.

Connect to the world out there! In the last few days, I got connected to many amazing people through social media – across the globe! Got to interact with them and learn from them. Got the chance to help them as well. Believe me, it’s good and amazing to live in this small village where you are there for others and others are there for you! 

That’s it for today. I will try to be more active while posting my learnings or experiences! If you loved it – comment with ❤️ below :)

Love, Prasad!

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