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Let the world know – That this is the solution to all your problems!

Once upon a time, I landed up at a place which was very strange to me. I was about 14 years old. I was shivering because of fear. There were around 10 people who were surrounding me, two of them were so big and filthy, that I not even dared to look at them. Some were smoking & the worst part was, that they were smoking out the smoke on me. I was praying deep inside to god that please help – I will eat whatever will be there in my tiffin (That’s because, I hated Cauliflower a lot and most of the time my mom used to give me that in tiffin & I used to throw that in bin).

Suddenly, out of no where – a thought came up in my mind – SO WHAT! That’s it! SO WHAT! & then I realised one of the most important lesson in my life – that SO WHAT? That unwanted people have surrounded you! SO WHAT? That you just had a breakup! SO WHAT? That I failed in the exams! SO WHAT? That nobody likes me! and the millions of SO WHAT! for everything which bothers me.

Believe me from that day – till now – Not a single thought, not a single situation, not a single person was able to shake my smile! Because I know – what worst will happen is – I will be no more (Dead!) & anyway everyone will have to depart. So there’s nothing to worry about.

And just because of this one thought – I overcame the fear of people. I became more confident and courageous & start taking risks in life! Not that – SO WHAT? was my own thought! I learnt that in one of the Art of Living Course & it stayed in my memory & it changed my life. But, it happened many a times that it was difficult to say SO WHAT! But, you know there’s someone who is taking care of you 24×7.

Life is so blissful! You don’t need to worry! Just be and enjoy.

P.S. After that thought – I explained them that it is not good to smoke and drink and what they can do to overcome this & then I reached home safely. A month after, A guy from them (They took my mobile number) called on me & said that he is doing a job of driver and free of addictions. He thanked me for a new life & it lead me to tears in my eyes. That was the real joy for me, a real happiness!


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