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Here starts the journey – On my way to Jharkhand

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I always used to fear being alone and top of that is if I am traveling. I still remember when I first come to Pune leaving my family, my hometown behind for doing engineering, for the first 3-4 days I was crying due to homesickness. Never wondered how this homesick guy started taking decisions on own and decided to overcome the barriers. I was told repeatedly by people around me that I am good, I can do whatever I want and so many things – but who will tell them that behind this strong face there’s this guy who fears to travel, who fears to adjust in the new place, who fears to adapt easily. Maybe this is the time I should leave all this behind and move on – thus the decision to travel.

And guess what, I decided that I will do that and in few days – I got the opportunity to travel to one of not so amazing but definitely too adventurous state – Jharkhand. For the next couple of the weeks, I will be there with the bunch of new people, will travel in villages and interact with people.

Let me tell you this – This is going to be fantastic! Though I have little fear, but yeah OVERCOMING FEARS AND BREAKING COMFORTS is the door to the BIGGER SELF.


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