You are currently viewing Day 3 – Kashi Vishwanath, The Return Journey & Cherry on the cake – Rudra Puja in Pune #NamamiGange

Day 3 – Kashi Vishwanath, The Return Journey & Cherry on the cake – Rudra Puja in Pune #NamamiGange

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What better can I ask for? Started the day with Darshan of Kashi Vishwanath Ji in Kashi and ended the day with Rudra Puja in Pune. These 3 days were amazingly happening. If, I have to describe these 3 days in short then I can say it was the perfect blend of spirituality + passion + grace!

So my day started with the Darshan of Kashi Vishwanath Ji and then we went for a boat ride in Ganga. Morning’s cold breeze with golden sun rays and the flowing water of Ganga & thousands of devotees on the banks! An Aha😅 moment for me.

Soon after that, we ate delicious local snacks and sweets. Believe me, the place’s cleanliness was inversely proportional to the taste of their offerings! Obviously, the taste was mind-blowing :)

Soon after that we went to the hotel, packed our bags and went for boarding our flight.

Varanasi to Delhi & for me – Delhi to Pune! On the way back I was checking my msgs and got to know there’s Rudra Puja happening near my home & yeah! I reach at the venue on time and attended the blissful Rudra Puja and Satsang! Nothing more could I ask for :)

In just last 3 days I collected so much of memories & interestingly started writing them down as well. Thanks to you all who are reading it daily :)

Soon, I will be launching videos and photographs of my 2-day visit to Kashi! Till then keep chanting Har Har Mahadev!


P.S. These posts are just my daily travel blog. Detailed report of Namami Gange – I will be sharing soon through videos & maybe through articles as well!


Prasad K.

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  1. Harshul

    Well done and keep it up! Next time you go don’t forget to inform :)

  2. Pooja

    Wow, niceee😀

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