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Day 1 – Multi-Modal Terminal, Sewage Treatment Plant, Cleanliness & Ganga Aarti #NamamiGange

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A day spent well! Started with a flight from Pune to Delhi, then Delhi to Varanasi..

Had the privilege to visit Multi-Modal Terminal Varanasi from where waterways of India is booming!

Then visited sewage treatment plant. Came to know that once that treatment plant will start no sewage will go in Ganga. The whole requirement of sewage treatment of Banaras will be completed. That’s really amazing.

The best part is these contractors are appointed on a 15 years long basis. Only 40% money is being given to them now. In 15 years of operation remaining 60% will be given thus making sure that it will be operational. Also, one more amazing this which the site people said is if the contractors delay the project even by one day then there’s a huge fine they have to bear. So the work is happening at an amazing pace.

In evening visited Assi Ghat and attended Ganga Aarti and interacted with some locals (video will be released soon). Almost all locals shared that cleanliness in the city is at another level and they had never imagined Banaras like this. Vendors on Assi Ghat said because of cleanliness more people comes to Ghat and thus their businesses are booming.

Though traffic was something very boring which govt needs to look after but overall if I have to give ratings to Narendra Modi’s work in his constituency then I will give 8.5/10.

Super clean, amazing roads and so many ongoing projects to make the city more amazing.

Tomorrow I will be visiting Prayagraj – Kumbh! Till then stay tuned! 🙂


P.S. These posts are just my daily travel blog. Detailed report of Namami Gange – I will be sharing soon through videos & maybe through articles as well!


Prasad K.

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