You are currently viewing Day 2 – Prayagraj, Kumbh & the new me :) #NamamiGange

Day 2 – Prayagraj, Kumbh & the new me :) #NamamiGange

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Amazing day. So I am completely new today. 😅

After an early morning breakfast in Kashi, we started our journey for Prayagraj to visit the great Kumbh Mela and to see what’s the impact of Namami Gange. The first stop was at one Nallah near Kumbh where one of the innovative technique by NERI was installed to treat the sewage water which was going into Ganga. Technique was fascinating as it was very simple and extremely cost-effective. I uploaded one video today on Twitter where the guy is explaining the 4 step process of purification.

Next stop was the most fascinating for me. One more innovative technique to treat sewage. It was something called G Tube. That guy explained it by demonstrating the difference between the color of water Pre and post-treatment. It was amazingly clean.

We saw one more innovative technology which was in use for the treatment of sewage which was related to some bio-enzyme.

The most satisfying thing for me was none of the sewage is going to Ganga (Kumbh). Exactly none! That was the relief because next thing we planned was to wash away all our sins.

When visited the banks of Ganga in Kumbh Mela, I thought that it might not be so clean and there will be plastics and waste all around; But my bad! Banks of Ganga were astonishingly clean and tidy. It was amusing for me. I loved that. I couldn’t believe that for a few moments. It was amazing.

Then the dips in Ganga! The chillingly extra cold water of Ganga and cold breeze along with hot sun were the perfect blends for me to enjoy the water of Ganga.

After the dip, I murmured -YES! It’s done! And here I am – New :)

Was asking my dad and few relatives and friends to come to Kumbh this time but everyone was like let’s see… will plan…!!but don’t know how it happened; I got a call one day from my dear friend and he said you have to go to Kashi to cover Namami Gange and the next thing I know is I boarded the flight to Varanasi!

Seriously, strange are the ways of Maa Ganga! 🙏🏻

Har Har Mahadev! ❤


P.S. These posts are just my daily travel blog. Detailed report of Namami Gange – I will be sharing soon through videos & maybe through articles as well!


Prasad K.

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