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Ranchi – Internet, Comfort and People

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Aaaeeehhhhh!! Aaarrrggghhhh!!

This might be my reaction if I would not have been mentally ready to overcome my comforts and break my barriers. Here in Jharkhand, I am in the capital city of the state – residing in one of the prominent areas but there’s no good range of any service providers and thus my internet sucks. From last some years, the Internet has become my basic need. People near me will vouch for this and can also say that without internet Prasad might become Zombie. But don’t know what is that here which is keeping me alive and enthusiastic with this little network.

So, I have been here in Ranchi for a couple of days and it’s interesting here. I have got a super awesome flatmate, Kishore something.. (I hate South Indian surnames, as they are difficult to pronounce and remember). He is a CA guy. He left his job in Deloitte and had come here in Ranchi all the way from Mumbai for 6 months, just to take care of this project – Beacon. Hats off to his dedication to work and commitment. He is really inspiring.

Then I have one more interesting person with us, not a flatmate but sort of. He stays with us sometimes. He is a camera guy with long long hair and a beard. Meet Prakash! Always happy and enthusiastic to learn new things. He took me and Kishor on the streets to find the range so that we can download a software which I am going to teach him and he wants to learn.

Sunday’s are always a little lazy. I started my day late and for the whole day was eating some or the other thing. In evening we (Me, Kishore and Prakash) planned out to go out and see the Incredibles 2 movie. Such an interesting and timepass movie it was. I came to know that – Ranchi is actually a city and it has all the brand showrooms. Yeah! It is as happening as any other city in this country. People are helpful and enthusiastic.

Tomorrow (9th July), we will be going out on the field, in the village called Ormachi to do some real work, to interact with farmers, to interact with the real strength of the county.

I hope to have the great and memorable experience. Till then, keep learning, keep exploring, keep fighting and overcoming your barriers and remember – LIFE IS AWESOME!

Pk :)

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  1. Harshul

    Awesome hero! You are truly a champ!! Stay Inspired Keep Inspiring!! :) (In the style of Virat B ;))

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