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Kukui – You need to learn to act

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Do you think India is becoming Intolerant?

Do you think there are so many problems at the grass root levels?

Do you think AAM AADMI is facing problem?

Do you think we are too backward?

If for any of the question above your answer is YES, then you need to travel in India, you need to visit villages and small cities, basically you need to get out of your comfort chair and get out from your AC room/office. Go out and see the beauty of India. Go out and see how happy and enthusiastic people are there in India. You might be not happy because for some reason your internet connection is not working but here in villages people are just happy. People are welcoming.

Today, I visited some villages in Ranchi district. We spent a good time in village called Kukui. Within just half an hour we traveled on all possible streets of the village. Village just has at max 1000 people living there with major people doing farming. One thing which I really want to mention is raw organic vegetables tastes really amazing. After lot of efforts from villagers there – I tasted one and I loved it.

One appreciable thing is that village has all pucca roads. One not so good thing is that village has only 1 school from 1st std to 5th std and that too with just 1 classroom and 2 teachers. Post 5th standard if someone wish to study more – that kid needs to travel around 10 Kms for higher schooling. As a country we need to focus a lot on education aspect.

Art of Living has setup women empowerment workshops there, where women in that area stitches sarees and other stuff and earn a good amount of money. Art of Living is training many people in that village. Training women to operate sewing machine and training men to do organic farming.

I love this village. This village is located just aside a big mountain.

One thing which I really want to tell all of you people after meeting people in this village is – Don’t blame the situations or people around you. Just become more courageous and act. Act for your betterment, act for society’s betterment, act for the sake of doing something. DON’T BECOME OBSOLETE IN LIFE.


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