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A day in a Kolkata

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My trip to Kolkata was never into the plan but there was no direct flight to Ranchi from Pune thus the best way was to go to Kolkata and then take train or bus to Ranchi which is around 400-500 Kms from Kolkata. My flight landed in Kolkata at around 3am & my bus was scheduled for 9pm. Basically, I have the whole day in this city. Thanks to Art of Living Network – I got a place to get ready. But that too after 6am. Till that time I was trying to sleep on the not so comfortable chair at the airport.

I already have scheduled my meeting with my boss – Nupur Sharma (OpIndia’s Chief Editor). Around 9am I was out from the place of that volunteer and then for the next 4 hours, I was sitting in the CCD. Never ever in my life, I got such a good care from a CCD executive. Within first fifteen minutes she (CCD executive) realised that I had a sleepless night, thus she offered me water, gave me hot and delicious tea (obviously I paid for it) and let me sleep there for around an hour or so.

Next half of the day I spent at the office of my boss. Nice and cozy place. Though she kept on working for the whole day and I was doing some random research. I left from that place in the evening to catch my bus and I got one of the most interesting taxi drivers who showed me so many things of Kolkata in that 1-hour journey.

What did I learn in Kolkata?

How to be sweet, simple and helpful to others. With everyone I interacted there – everyone was humble and amazing. Though taxi drivers loot a lot and commutation sucks in Kolkata. You can’t find Ola and Uber as easily as you find in Pune or Mumbai or Bangalore. Local Taxi drivers tell any amount – sometimes they even say – Bhaiya, traffic bahot hai… 100 rs jyada lagega.. (Bro, there’s too much of traffic, you have to pay 100INR more)

Not sure about is this the regular problem or only I just faced it. But overall it was an amazing experience. Bengalis are sweet.

I will be back in Kolkata again for some little time, soon.

Currently, I am an Art of Living Beacon Project office in Ranchi, Jharkhand and this office cum house is amazing. I will be traveling in the Jharkhand for the next few days.

The only thing which I hate here is – bad internet connectivity which forced me to buy Jio Dongle but yet – it is bad. Anyways, I am here to break my comforts – let this comfort also breaks.


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