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Are These Empowered The Youth Of JNU Who Are Going To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders? | Prasad Karwa

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JNU’s Hostel Fee raised from INR 10/- to INR 300/- per month along with few similar minor changes in its fee structure & what did they do?

1. Endless protests – 100s of policemen deployed on the campus to handle the situation
2. Blocked/locked professors, teachers, dean, VC in rooms. One professor got health issues – they did not allow that professor to go to the hospital for a long time. The ambulance kept waiting outside.
3. Almost tore Kurtis of female teachers – kept them in captivity.
4. Vandalized the campus (check out the photos) & what not!

What happened? Yielding to the pressure, the HRD ministry took back the fees hike proposal.

These people are living in one of the most prominent areas in Delhi in INR 10/- per month. Seriously, INR 10/-? We don’t even get a good vada pav in Pune for that. They say, they are against privatization but do they realize that someone else is paying for their subsidized rates. Nothing in this world is free. I repeat – NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE. If you are getting it for FREE, it is because someone else is paying for that.

Then they talk about becoming leaders, empowered youth, etc.
What kind of empowered youth are these Sadakchap Mawalis, who can’t even pay 300/- INR per month for staying in a hostel? (Mind you – other hostels in the country are at least 10x costlier than 300/-)

Every 4-6 months, these Mawalis are in News for some or the other protests. You might recall that a few months back they were protesting against Compulsory Attendance. So, basically – they don’t want to attend college, still stay there in hostels almost without paying anything, and then they talk about humanity, equal rights and all type of shit.

I don’t understand, why is the Government still running this institute & even if they want to run it – Why are they not suspending these students permanently. Raising your voice, peaceful protests are still okay – but vandalizing campus, holding professors captive – that’s a crime. No doubt! that these students turn into Urban Naxals and then fight for the rights of terrorists like Afzal Guru and Burhan Wani & shout anti-national slogans like Bharat Tere Tukde Hoge…

I do hope that University & Government will take some strong actions against these almost Naxals masquerading as students.

(Also, a note for JNU students – if you are reading this post! – I am 24 years old, earning & paying my taxes from the time when I was in Engineering. I pay taxes so that you get a subsidized education. I don’t know if you have it! But if you have a little shame – then at least start paying for your own shit! You guys need a jail – not JNU!)

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