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“Wait!” – It’s Scary & May Snatch Your Dreams

Imagine, you got the answers for your life & thus you decide what you want to do with your life ahead & still you have to wait. How does that feel? Huh:/ That doesn’t even sound good. Isn’t it? In a journey to clarity in life, one has to face a whole lot of mess. I am that kind of guy – who has some or other ideas every other day & I think every idea is good but deep down I know that not all ideas are practical. So I drop them! But then there are few ideas which stay with me for a long time. Really, really long time! Sometimes I get emotionally attached to those ideas and I even start planning to execute those. But then the mind says – “WAIT!”

I may have killed so many ideas just like this!

One day, while talking to one of my friends – he said “it is okay! you can’t do everything. These are just feelings and emotions. Just thoughts and imaginations. Wake up! Do your work and be happy!”. I realized that day that he is stupid because this time I heard “WAIT!” while he was talking! That day I got some leisure time to think about this & what I concluded is something that even I am also not sure if it is right for me or wrong in the long run.

Well! I thought, what will happen if I actually start taking actions on most of my ideas (at least for the ones which stay really long with me – at least they are loyal & I can at least put some effort to appreciate the loyalty of them :P )?

So, here’re all the possibilities:

  1. I might fail in most of the things
  2. I might succeed in most of the things
  3. I might end up nowhere
  4. I might end up being everywhere
  5. I will be confused throughout my life of what to do and what not to do
  6. I will get the chance to actually find out what I really want!

I like to stay optimistic! Thus I am choosing to take action. It’s okay if I fall. I will stand-up again.

Mind you! It’s an emotional decision. It’s a very well-calculated risk which I am ready to take because life is about ups and downs & I am too bored sticking at horizontal in my life.

So, here’s a small glimpse of my action plan (ideas I am going to implement) (Hey! Please keep me in check and ask me again and again on the progress… I would really like that. Also If you want to join me in any of this – very well! Welcome)

  1. 200 Pages book – Title: “UnSuccessfuls” (Before May 2020)
  2. An evening with friends – Poetry, Shayari, Comedy, Games, Food, Music & Much More – 21st December (Sat) @ My Place in Pune. (Only 15 people – so, if you are interested – let me know in comments or email me at
  3. The Combine Life Transforming Course – Happiness+DSN+Advanced Meditation Program (February to May)
  4. A trip! (Can’t decide on my own! Yeah… It would not be a solo one – So, if you are interested, let’s plan)

It’s small as of now! Soon it will start populating – I am sure about that!

I thought a lot and took this decision. The list is decent as of now, it might get weird someday! But I am sure, I will be ready at that time because “WAIT!” is scarier to me than getting failed.

The most important part of this – I am not going to “WAIT!” – I will not be like “Okay! Let me sort out my life first and then I will try this or I am too young for this – maybe after 5 years?” NO NO NO! Tired of waiting now. It’s NOW or NEVER!




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  1. Akshay Kumar

    Nice article.

  2. Bhagirathi Panchal

    This is so amazing……
    I have been contemplating something similar and have started on my journey with the first step…… noting and visualising it all…. it’s fun….
    I am sure you’ll be on your way pretty soon!
    All the very best Prasad…!!! You rock!

  3. Vinita

    Hey Prasad, liked your article. It’s ok to be’s ok for ‘to do’ lists to change ..but yes as you said…when putting down to paper, perhaps the really essential ones surface up.
    And the voice inside …it does guide you right….

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