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The Unending Battle Between Ideologies

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From the last 8-10 years, Twitter is mainly the platform of political ideologies. Now even Facebook, Instagram & other social media is converting in the battleground of ideologies. Some of you might not agree with me but if you are politically inspired and watch that type of content and interact then everywhere else these things will follow you. In starting it was fun, I used to feel that I am actually doing something for the ideology. But the more you go into it – the more you don’t want to be in it. Only rationality can save you in such cases but at the cost of a lot of abuses and definitely less peace of mind.

Lately, I am reducing my time spending on Twitter as it is getting too toxic. I will not blame the platform. I am writing pro-Hindutva, pro-government for a long time now and we do know how pathetic is this battle between pro and anti-government. Frankly, I am bored but I am stuck as well. But now – I am trying to change all this.

What’s the problem?

In the last 4-5 years, I have realized one important thing – that most of the people from the right and even left want good for the nation, it’s just their ideas are different, their approach is different and their concepts of developments are different. There are hardly a few who are extremists. Extremists are there on both ends. On one end – they don’t like Muslims and on another, they don’t like Brahmins (Don’t judge me – I was just giving example). Extremism on any end is not good for a diverse country like India. The problem here is I took one side proactively and neglected another for a long time now.

Now, I am deep in one ideology and once you are close to the core – you will see all the faults (The Fault’s In Our Stars). Now, I don’t have very high regard for those who once were ideal for me because of their wrongdoings but still, I have accepted them and stayed on their side. But I can’t fake my emotions to myself. It’s now started troubling me every single day.

So, What I am going to do?

The big question – will I disable my twitter? will I run away? No! Certainly not. I thought a lot about this. I even thought to take the middle path – but the worst thing about the middle path is you get respect from almost nobody. Nobody gives damn about the rational and center mind. Either you are here or there. There’s nothing middle & thus I crossed the middle path as well from my checklist. I don’t want to be in that uncomfortable situation. I am not strong enough to handle all this. But I have to do something. To keep my mind sane, to end this never-ending battle between ideologies (that’s too ambitious of me… LOL) and to bring rationality.

I know I can’t do it alone. I know that almost nobody will be ready to be in this mission impossible. But trying is still better than not doing anything. I am going to try to bridge the gap between ideologies. How? Even I don’t know that. But I know I will figure it out one day or another. I am going to do this by being on center-right – Yeah! sided one side because that’s where my friends are currently and it is always easy to reach out to friends than strangers.

That’s all for today. If you have some ideas on how can we achieve this peacefully – then please let me know. We need intellectual and creative mindset of left as well and emotional and patriotic behavior of right as well. We want to preserve Dharma as well and we want to stand there with minorities as well.

For India! 

Prasad Karwa

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