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Idea + Action = Manifestation

Hello Readers (Idea Generators!! :-P ),

This time I have came with an very interesting topic to write on, which is


Most of the time, I have seen my friends talking about some great plans & planning to implement it. Basically, They are planning how to wrap that “Beauty” & throw it out of the dustbin, this is because I believe planning leads to create possibilities which reduce the chances of completion of the project. 
Generally, we all have lots of dreams & usually we started day dreaming of what will happen if this works, I will be so and so, I will do so and so then, I will become so and so… & this is where the problems begins. Day dreaming creates Expectations & Expectations KILL everything ( To know more how? – CLICK HERE ). 
In last one year, I learned a beautiful thing, that If you believe that this idea is good, then start taking actions before thinking too much about it. There is a proverb – Take first step & rest he(almighty) will take care. Yes! exactly same, take the first step & see the magic of nature, experience the ultimate grace of almighty.
Big Question – Without planning, if we will fail in the idea, then what will happen? what is the use of it? 
Big Answer – There are always only two possibilities – Either you will be at 1 or you will be at 0. If you are at 1 after implementing idea, then there obviously no worry; but if you encountered with 0, that means your idea gets thumbs down then I will say celebrate the day, coz you got an experience of failure and a chance to improve. There’s no big teacher than failure, because it gives us the best experience. & it will lead you to more perfection next time.

 That’s what my guru (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji) says “Make a new mistake everyday”. 

Keep this in your mind inscribed, YOU DON’T BUY IDEAS, IDEAS BUYS YOU, No such idea will come in your mind which you can’t complete. You are blessed with an immense potential, just we have to take actions.
So, remember – Become OPPORTUNIST & grab the opportunity to manifest your UPCOMING IDEA. 
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