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One thing to GIVE UP and One thing to ADOPT to become SUCCESSFUL

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Definition of SUCCESS differs from person to person. Be the one who give definition of SUCCESS to others.

When I look back in my life and see the events in my life which are successful, which made me happy and proud, I come up with the easiest answer to this question of success.

Give up getting carried away with your emotions & adopt skills to learn how to do the first.

Let me elaborate this little for you. Most of the time, we get carried away with our emotions. We need to stop for a few moments and ask, are emotions ruling you? or you ruling over your emotions? And if emotions are ruling you then definitely the decisions which we make are bias and thus are not so good for us in long run. A successful decision in life comes from the sense of practical decision which is good for you and for others as well.

Do you know what taught me this? Definitely, all successful experiences but more than all experiences, this one is the most special. Here it goes

“Once I was struggling with one of my subjects in engineering. As a student, my most important task was to acquire knowledge and at the same time score good marks in the exams. Each time when I used to take the book of that subject in my hand, my emotions used to start talking to me – IT’S BORING… IT’S HARD… LET’S DROP THIS SUBJECT THIS YEAR… Blah Blah and all type of unnecessary things. In starting I struggled a lot but then the SKILLS made the impossible possible. Result? I scored exceptionally well in that subject. I wrote around 51 pages in the exams for 70 marks.”

That’s insane, isn’t it? But today, when I look back, I feel proud that I pushed myself and successfully ruled over my emotions in that important battle.

Now you might be thinking that, is it so easy to rule over your emotions? Let me tell you it is as easy as taking a breath but at the same time, it is as hard as winning general elections for the highest post of the country.

What are those SKILLS which you need to ADOPT to become the KING of your EMOTIONS?

If you want to add something in this list – Please feel free to do so – Add your pointers in the comment section and I will update the list. Also, if you have some story of yourself to share on how ruling over the emotions made you a winner, please do share it in the comment. I would love to read that and add that in the article. Sometime later we will discuss these points in details. Till then, KEEP SMILING!



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